Digital TV Antenna Installation

At Bluestar Communications, we are committed to delivering high quality digital TV antenna installation services to customers in and around Canberra, including the whole of Australian Capital Territory.

If you’re experiencing reception problems, would like to set up a television or home cinema somewhere new in your home, or would like help mounting a screen to a wall, do not hesitate to get in touch today. We offer full digital TV antenna installation Canberra based, including the following services:

Wall plate replacement

We understand the need for TVs to be mounted professionally and securely to avoid accidents and protect your technology from damage. As such, we use only the highest quality custom wall plates to ensure your TV is fixed to the wall as firmly and safely as possible. With our tough wall plates, customers can benefit from a beautiful wall-mounted TV while enjoying peace of mind.

Solving TV reception issues

As digital technology advances and the television viewing experience evolves, many TV owners with outdated (particularly analogue) equipment are finding that their picture quality is rapidly deteriorating. Indeed, outdated technology can cause issues such as glitching, pixelation and break up of the television picture.

Symptoms of poor TV reception are easily diagnosed, and include screen pixelation, the appearance of “no signal” warnings on the screen, or odd squeaking or popping noises.

We understand how frustrating poor reception can be for our customers, particularly when their favourite shows are on. As such, we are dedicated to providing a quick and efficient cabling service so our customers can enjoy a clear, uninterrupted and high definition viewing experience as soon as possible.

Antenna lead supply

We supply a range of antenna leads suitable to your equipment and viewing needs.

Antenna amplifier (‘booster’) supply

For some customers, the installation of a high quality TV antenna will not be enough to provide reliable reception, depending on their location. This problem can be solved with help of an amplifier (also known as a ‘booster’). With a range of amplifiers available on the market, we are able to identify and install the best one for your needs, guaranteeing flawless digital reception.

Digital modulator supply

We offer digital modulator supply and installation to ensure perfect tuning and picture every time you turn on your device.

Video distribution

On top of our cabling and mounting expertise, we are able to set up a video distribution package to allow you to watch your favourite shows and channels all year round.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our efficient digital TV antenna installation services.