Data networking supply & installation

Modern life comes hand in hand with a complicated and interconnected digital network of devices and technologies, and as such ensuring that our home and office data networks are secure and functioning at a high volume has attained a new level of importance. Data networks are difficult to set up and maintain on your own, and enlisting the services of an expert for data networking supply and installation in Canberra can give you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your sensitive personal data and networks are safe from outside interference, and are sufficient for your needs.

Canberra data networking experts

Bluestar Communications is a locally owned, Canberra based information and communications technology installation and consultation company. We are proud to service the whole ACT region, delivering professional and affordable data networking supply and installation in Canberra. We have over 20 years expertise in the industry, so you know that the service we provide is reliable and using up to date technology systems. Above all, we are flexible and are able to offer tailor made data networking solutions to suit your needs and budget.

What we offer

With the massive increase in our personal and professional reliance on digital technology, it is now the norm for households and offices to have multiple computers, smartphones, TV`s, gaming rigs, and other miscellaneous media streaming devices all interconnected and running on your internet network simultaneously. Instead of just relying on wifi, which is highly inefficient, a dedicated data network integrates high speed and greater network security to both protect and make your network more efficient.

We offer market leading data networking solutions based on network switches, which are the industry standard. If you need a full set up, we can supply the components and build a whole network from the ground up for the complete experience. Alternatively, we are adaptable to your existing infrastructure if you want to use your own gear, and can simply provide additional hardware to maximise your experience or provide maintenance to keep your system humming. Whatever your particular needs, we can deliver.

We are also fully versed in network attached storage solutions (networked data storage with simultaneous access), which are perfect for a professional setting where you need to create your own accessible digital filing system that can be accessed by everyone on the network, saving time and energy and creating the ultimate in workplace efficiency. Call now on (02) 6296 4004.